Thursday, November 10, 2011

Really Excited to Write...

Today was a good day... Ive been waking up early and jogging every morning and so im soar and walking funny but everything is good other than that. LOL I went to see my grandparents! They make me smile so much! We had lunch at Houstons i shared a fish sandwich with my grandma and mom. Grandpa ordered his trademark Manhattan cocktail "up, with biters, a cherry, vermouth..." idk something i should have the recipe for by now but, What for?? haha. Well, for YOU maybe... idk who U are! Anyway, my grandma jokes a lot and we laugh about nothing and it just feels right... she is so unique and has the best personality and aura and i want to be like her,,, everyone does. Grandpa is really funny and cute and really quick and witty with a slight new york accent... i could def describe them forever but im trying to stick to my day today... I hung out with Mom again and we got along really well also, she can hear me complain about all the little things in my life and the worst thing that could happen is she tells my father... so secrets are safe w mom. We danced and sang Billy Holiday songs and grandmas fav Nat King Cole. Grandpa has a strange implant in his back for his Parkinsons which with a remote control can vibrate inside by his spine and relieve his pain. Grandma is always trying to make the whole process funny by smiling and making a joke about everything in life. They have two little dogs, Bosco is a white one they got from the pound and Leo or Lenny is an apricot mini poodle that my mother surprised her with bc eventually we want to make Malte-poos! After lunch and singing songs we drove back home and I had plans with my BFF Karla. We have been through SOOOOOO much together that we have both moved apts tons of times, lived together, and seen it all together. She is someone really special to me but its hard to get her full attention at times bc she is fucking all over the place! She has a great job now at Sohohouse which I'm so proud of her and she is divorced with two kids. She has Luka a 12yr old boy and Kamilla a 9year old girl! I love them both so much I have baby sat them and we have had dancing and taking pictures and inventing games and playing in the pool and beach days and all that fun stuff together Oh lets not forget dress-up at Tammy's house! I'm like a big kid so kids generally love me. Sometimes I forget they are kids and treat them like I would myself... so i am really open with them and tell them everything about life and how it really is... in a fun way. I would make an exellent god-mother and I'm not one yet dont ask me why. So, Karla and I went to this full moon drum circle party with food, live music, crafts, tarot card readings, massages, a bond fire, Karla even brought her drum and I wish she brought ME one bc knowing Karla she is one serious drummer! she can do that until her fingers bleed!!!!! I saw her hands one time and they were swollen and with blisters!!!!! she has a passion for it. So we got there checked out all the stuff... i didnt buy anything but a carribean coconut and vegetable soup from a rasta and had to do the Tarot cards but we only had 4$ and Karla needed it more so she did it and I had a goal to somehow get 5$ since they had no ATM there. We talked on some pillows outside by a non lit bondfire and she gave me some advice... shes been married, shes had kids, she may have a point... it was cool, it was honest and sincere and from her heart... she couldnt speak of her life without jumping from one thing to the next so it didnt last long and i told her that next time she has to have some notes of topics she needs to talk about w me bc all she says is " TAMMY I HAVE SOOOOOOOOO MUCH TO TELL YOU!! OMG BUT TAMMY!!!! WE HAAAAVE TO TALK!" and trust me when i say this is ALL she says LOLOL
After that, I had a sprite and she had some red wine and the drumming shortly began.
She was pounding away at that drum for about 3 hours non stop!
"Hello! I'm moving to LA im not going to see my 'best friend' anymore" did not enter her head
but i know how much she loves drumming so i was cool i got my Tarot cards read and sat down and had a chat w some guy that happens to live in LA and guess what he even lived in my building!!!! hahaha i swear! such a small world!!!!!
supposedly he bike rode from Atlanta to LA and thats where Paul used to live! Wow.
So I got his cointact info bc he lives close by and i can ask him about stuff like where to meditate and whats a good bike trail... he said he knows of some waterfalls by the Hollywood sign LOL
i asked him how long he had lived in LA for he said like a year and half and he already knows everything cool about it LOL
OK so good contact, done!
he also said he never had a car in LA and he bikes everywhere... so from where i live its a 4 mile ride to West Hollywood that can be done on bike or I take the red line and i can bike from there...etc
I had a fun night except i wanted to be home at midnight and it was 2am instead bc I had to drag Karla off the drums!
About the Tarot cards...
Her ADVICE was to always make sure i "show up" she said it doesnt matter what it is just "show up"
and that i should LISTEN more and SAY LESS
which leads me to the end of this post bc as you heard... i shouldnt have said this much!~

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