Thursday, June 28, 2012


Yes angry!
I bought like 5 tshirts at stupid Forever21 today... I was like, wondering why, the shit looked so young... It cuz I'm almost 30!
So whatever, I had a late lunch in "The grove" in #LA where I ordered white wine and cheese fries and some side of squash amongst the rest.
I am backtracking at what pissed me off and it was all earlier; like not the cause of this anger problem whatsoever.
I am sleeping on a couch tonight instead of a bed, if that helps...
I know my dog and Paul r in the room next door.. And I also know that I'm mad at him.
(Roxy is a girl)
I am fine.
I chose this.
I think the temperature is amazing except I wish I had some friends nearby to text with,... Not the far away ones, they r too far away!
(is that prejudice?)
To me, when it's far it might be like family, like u dnt wana tell them too much.. Hard to explain again:
But we r all the same. I mean the progression of our thoughts, we grow, we actually improve! Isn't that amazing!?!

I've realized that ppl that u meet on the west coast are all so different. They are all diff nationalities! This one guy, his name may start w an "A" and he's sorta sucking my face! And everyone else does! Right? So wtf

I don't walk into the studio looking A+ everyday
I am A+
But I only stop being A+ when I drink, let's say.
I think I am A+ when I don't smoke either
I'm pretty much A+ when it's an amazing chemical reaction of me, myself & I at what n where inspires me most.. If I'm inspired, surrounded by beauty, community, honesty, maybe some juxtaposing.... And prob my faults will lead me to what I'm missing!
Foreigners might feel its too easy to filter in. In case u were wondering!

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