Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An old post I wrote in my cell phone notes...

Dont feel like going to sleep though I know I should. I'm just nervously excited
Sometimes writing helps.
Now I heard that they can tap into our cell phones without them even being on so they can probably see what I'm typing here now too.
It's disgusting.
I'm also going to the bathroom in utter silence and I hear someone walking around also someone on another floor is taking a shower. I wanted to give so Lmany dollars out that I didn't have tonight as I walked the streets of downtown Los Angeles. It's too real to see the dirty lost ones I can't understand it, its not real its friatrating. they all take shits and need a shower like us how did so many ppl get that lost off the charts? How could it be possible? With so much to do right here why go so far to fix something else. It's cuz the system has its problems. I don't believe it. I don't have the answer but I think we can all figure this out. I would like everyone to contribute someway and find a job and it's a way of improving, they need something to do that's all.
I don't want it to rain on my thoughts, I'm typing this wo even finding enough energy to really figure out what I'm saying. It's really not the right time, barely ever is but im one that always goes there, im sorry to choose the Debby downer subject. and I should be asleep but I'm affected by the way it is, I would love to see it more beautiful and it's frustrating me... We have to come together and believe in help
ing and unity. We are so full of talent and gifts we just have to spent the time It takes to want to begin the better direction, I want healthy juice bars that are open to the streets and ppl that talk to eachother more openly even for the 5mins they have next to one another. A game of tennis is not the same when ppl don't know how to play, I wish us all to be at that level with whatever we choose and no limit to how many choices u want. I
Saw a blow up alligator float for the pool and it needs babies.
Compost becomes fertilizer
So what is the analogy?
More hammocks in public parks
All floors in condos must have a recycle dispensary directly from apt
Delivery is the future the pat office should not worry
The concord should come back in neon or designer or invisible
All the chords and wires, a solution?
The pacific is full of radiation..
What does that even really mean?
Where does it come from?
What is it good for?
Why keep the other radio active plants?
Spooky complications
A candle.
The miracle of a match
The beauty of a lighter
The things that I think and
How little they do to help.
The most humiliating thing would be somebody reading this.

Cell phone bill: 101$

I just want ppl to be able to say what they wana say, everyone say what they whatever they want but that those that are listening know that that was only something they said may not be what they still mean or think.

Getting more serious means taking life by the horns in a gracious way.
I can't do that yet, I'm holding on to it's tail.

Someone who understands u or at least forgives u for your mistakes is such a beautiful fairytale in my reality

All the bridges were burned

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