Monday, June 4, 2012

SKYLINE PIGEONS r a band... my two girl cousins are in!

Went to the SKYLINE PIGEONS album release party and sold some of my special weave bracelets and I was so impressed with th people! They were so nice and I feel so good when somebody likes what I made that I literally forget or dont care about the inicial price/cost I give some of my things bc I in the end just want to make somebody happy when they wear it and it is what counts more than anything!... so I say, these r 10$, these r 20$, these r 40$ blah blah but wait which one do u like???? which one do u really want???? bc thats the price right there, the value is a gathering of beauty... a place in which we can even make a trade of something... lets talk! u cut hair??? really??? cool! "i need a haircut!" ok have my 40$ bracelet u love in exchange for a trim! DUH! thais is he future guys.... its like we r family and we need to open the circle, and give what we have bc if its valued somewhere thats all that REALLY MATTERS! we all matter, part of a cobb webb yea n the spider is GOD checkin on us and replenishing the holes by patching them back over for us while we r alseep.... I looked at what I just wrote and it said that we r asleep... that was interesting enough for me haha :) ;) TAMBO PS youtube "LUCID" by Skyline Pigeons;

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