Saturday, July 27, 2013

Do you think?

In history, before their was a language, somebody probably intentionally tried to discover all the sounds our mouths could make, the combinations, and had fun exploring but also knew they were on a mission of discovery to enlighten the masses or find a secret hidden, the code of communication. Whomever didn't learn the code wouldn't know what was said. Lots of things are like this today,,, if u think about how in the future we will be seen as doing or maybe even what's said. Like a low vibrational frequency idea or so many actions that are taken today that will result in catastrophe for the future. It's important to understand this, Naturally. If w some knowledge discovered overlaps into something else like the intentions of words to a drop of water and then so much not aligned w that, well yea, not good right?
I just wanted to say that.

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