Friday, July 26, 2013


Waiting for the crickets...
To tell me something else
So sucks
So sound turns quiet 
Going away 
Going Innnn
I'm in it to be it to be in me just 
Why do I feel my own pressure 
Moving isn't solvent
Problem isn't why 
Now poems what a failure, a task,
A challenge, an open wounded blank
I'm just kidding around
It's 5am not good enough just yet
Pretty woman 
Sleeping Beauty
Dreamer chases

I have no idea
What is Gona be 
Why u even think of me
Why I even think at all
Why u always slip and fall
What a choice can really make
Why u are that make

Miss u so much
Miss myself
Miss the girl I never met
Then I guess I keep saying I
I don't get why it's ayayayyyy

Write the words of people now
Wink or wave
What am I saying?
When will I be a normal specimen

I guess I'm not as positive 
But that's a lie I'm fine I should be fuming
I don't wana take up space, 
Erase what u will
Loving u too and feelings r weird
I hate to be this unbelievably real.

Idk why I talk so much crap

It's not crap if u feel good to voice it
It's nothing at all
It's what? What is it?

Love is diluted
Love is Lovingly Lost
Missed it

I hear ppl
Like night
Like to do
What ever it is
I crave a smoke 
Anxious n crazy
So darn upset
Like a 

Looking for the whispers n 
The nada

Ppl steal lighters lol put it that way
It's out there I'm there w it
But another one appears

Send me some luck
I shouldn't have to stay up

Wish I felt 

The same 
A better 


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