Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Convertible Igloo...

Call it what u will..
To start anew
A new name, new face, new look

Don't want to say a word..

So then,
How should this end?

7:07 I have a class

Staying in power is the lesson, staying powerful and in a positive place is where I want to be with you. Do u ride the wave if love? Can I count on u? Who is your partner? We all belong somewhere.. We all crave that certainty and that sense of belonging.. So don't give me that bullshit. 

Have a migraine. 

When everyone wants to be around happy ppl and good influential ppl u realize that's what u want too..
U realize u also r that.
That ppl will be people.
That ur a happy person 
That's what is up.
What's so confusing now?

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