Monday, August 12, 2013


Are you going to be for real?
Are you happy like a bunny? R u tired of bouncing around? U just wana sit and talk and let it out? Well, we r here. For u :) here safe, we are, here safe. 
Hi I'm Tammy,
Hi Tammy! (Wave) 
Hi! (Smile, shy nod)
Til when?
Then u get 
Somewhere right?
U get somewhere w that?
I mean, rumor must have it that it does work...
Or a secret society of fucked up - NESS!!!
I don't get that at ALL!!!!
And a sign to me for that was that the ALL DETERGENT was stolen 2ce
All ain't for all...
They should use it and drop it back off to me if they were even a quarter cool!
No they ain't
They ain't they ain't...
Forgot to mention that whole other part damn... Anyway gnight ;)

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