Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Riding the poetry wave to nowhere...

Ive been wanting to see you, to touch you, and feel u. Ive been wanting to grab u and push u down and smack u. Ive been wanting to see u, to squeez u, to breathe u. Ive been wanting to believe u, hold u and scream w u. Ive been wanting to teach u, to look in ur eyes and be real w u. Ive been wanting to clean u, like spank u but tease u. Why ppl feel the need to tell me these things why dream of me and the bread once released who solemnly so lonely some will never be the one. The fish net suffocates a tight lined swim instead along the leg like a spider web Excel slightly spread them nice n wide look whos talkin' Your little throne, those underwear oh so since when do u really care? instead we crawl like a lizzard rhino up top ur back to bite u... ur little tired eyelid u monkey twirp may u make some money so I can spend it jerk May you only do where I see worth. May I rot in hell once I win... May I win and win and win & win... May you see it and love me maybe explode in your face like a FIRECRACKER, no, no grace. Do you know yourself? Sincerely, TRY AGAIN.

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