Monday, April 28, 2014

common sense... con tambonation... lol

and I was supposed to go to a meeting today, i shouldnt even publish my life, who is this r., no. im strong... im brave for GODSSSSSS SAKE.... plsssss, fucking respect the truth,,, u havent gone through shit,,, ur nobody,,, ur judgemental!, ur judging me.... u should know im a pat of uuuu, u should see,,, i dont want anything but the truth told, so that, we can move fwd,,, like acrobats, like our routine, u dont let it affect the rest of your moment in the OLYMPICS MOTHER FUCKER...... my mother will be mad i cursed,,,, i dont wanan curse!!! why did i do trhat??? idkkkk? I wana jump off a cliff take my socks off lol make a fool sure why not lol im just a HUMAN BEINGGGG hi :) no im not fucked up... im ALIVE... im ok tho... lol like HELLO like im not selling my body like im not somebody im not im actually happy im actually GOLDEN so i only want GOLDEN PPL around me :) .....heeeeeej common sense

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