Thursday, June 5, 2014

Park & don't ever get a ticket!

U have to define your target market and in that get precisely keen on knowing their next step even if they r the unpredictable type, taking chances.

The message in getting if I try to really think about it is to hold our children close. 

And to really love and teach them everything they should know from UR heart to theirs and to lead them into a world where they have the love courage wisdom strength and that will bring us all happiness cuz the youth needs some fine tuning.... I am also a damaged product of that. That's what I believe. I am affected by the lack of real knowledge in the way that was right for me to fully absorb it... I was thirsty for it and the longer more time went by the more I settled and accepted that I couldn't get what I really needed and wanted. I gave up and just said fuck it, this is easier than trying and trying is what i was originally made for... I was held back like a husky on reigns in the snow. I was obedient. But canputuring somebody from what true freedom and fully rich education... Idk I mean, I'm just saying what I went through. I am disappointed in the school system from MY story. Not knowing what it's like now but I imagine kids are a wreck and way more depressed than we were at that age. We must send love and starting w ourselves. Your the worst judge and your old thoughts are leading you astray. You are showing a side of u what even for? Why do this to yourself? Lol idk but I just HQVE to finish what I've started as it's become a home away from home when I can just think of why I have this feeling of Mmmmm un fulfillment? I have a meeting at 10am then a shoot at 3pm DTLA studio and I'm gona wing it BC it's not worth too much planning this time more improvised might help me make something cool.. It's easy I love it but sometimes it's not right and that's the challenge or the shot... It's a magic that needs capturing, theirs no other way. 

I feel better writing a bit. 
Love, u all.

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