Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Done with Dat...

When ppl come to me with a problem I'm going to just say "don't worry, I'm sure you can figure this out" I don't want to enter into their drama and give my opinion over and over again. People end up doing what they want to do and ppl don't need to TALK SO MUCH about it! I SWEAR! I find myself very comfortable in the silence and it just feels better than talking about stupidity. I want to and love to work things out, I actually like hearing somebody's story and I do come up with ways to solve things but I'm getting really tired of it when so much time and energy passes I'm just starting to see the difference between a conversation that is going nowhere vs. one that can come to a conclusion and then take action. I want to make things happen and not really waste time in other people's issues bc I have better things to do with my time. That's all I wana say for now. Save it for the birds! Lol xoxo

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