Saturday, July 9, 2016

What are you doing?

Im in Miami laying in bed with little Roxy sleeping beside. The AC is blasting and I'm under the covers, I've had an iced coffee made by my friend Karla in a blender... I'm having a BBQ here today but my ankle is sprained. Last night I went to a friends art show, known each other for 11 years now so I made a big effort not to miss it, even as I'm hurt. The best was when he personally rolled me through from Art work to Art work on a rolley chair as he explained each piece as I sat down with a tiny plastic cup of white wine to sip. He had pieces about 3 somes on magic carpet rides and goddesses of love, jellyfish, moscs, flowers blooming, multi-medium works that were playful and scattered with elements of tiny details in gold leaf. Later we discussed it over food at an Argentinian Restaurant. The topics of polygamy and a film he wants me to act in. I told him this would mean it's a serious role and that I'm not sure I would have time to dive into all that with my business which is just starting. I'm going to throw a bikini on and hop down to the pool in a few... It's almost 3pm! 
Things are changing and I'm going to be moving apartments soon, spent lots of time creating a list of places to see... I think it's going to work out, I feel like I should be more contained and obviously slow down some. It'll be interesting to see what does end up happening. Til then, just appreciate where your at now and be thankful, yea I agree.

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