Saturday, July 23, 2016

My love...

I feel terrible. Ppl feel ignored by me, I'm not really a rude or annoying person but it's like I could come off as I am bc I'm correcting sombody. I'm kinda on my own now, idk bout u but yeah... I'm wooooooo "so underrated.... Wooooooohooooo suffocated HA HA " eyes on fire. I feel for you, I feel for me, I feel for this, I feel for feel! I feel to feel! I love u! I love uuuuuu UC. I'm pretty exhausted, Canada, NO! CANSADA! Que  rude! Con el auto! Que mierda! Que no-way! Look MA! No hands w the whole other thing! AI agree your super duper cute tho. Super. Ok anyway,,, I'm so tired like I have to go to sleep! Like its like they think what? What do they think tho? Lol so love u all tho. I love how the girls got practice, they rock! I wish Monica was my older cousin LOL love love love

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