Thursday, July 14, 2016

I got with the program

I wake up at the weirdest hours sometimes... I think too much sometimes... I am too much sometimes. I blew up a few times. I too am only around less than that times... That's for each of u! What did I just even say tho bc it means a million things and nothing 👍🏼 oh how interesting 👍🏼 lol. It's not exactly what makes me feel lost proud. We all have those moments and those thoughts where we think too much, maybe get self conscious or want to cry out loud even... It's not your norm, it's not your best version, it's not what you admire, it's not even you and it really not even you anymore even... Cuz I wonder what my face did just now as I thought it and directly thought and typed it into my computer bc it's not pre programmed, I'm not a program! I'm a real living person willing to spill my share of just thought process. Yes, as sad as our thoughts may get, as unreal of a reality it counts be, and even the knowledge and power we realize. I'm single now, it's like I can finally say that and not feel weird. I am sitting here, laying real low, on my parents new house couch... It's very light grey, almost white. I have a fan above me on a silent low. I have black shelves full of CD's in front of me (the way I guess I have had my whole life) I question everything. I hang with people who are real and creative and can actually party. The rest aren't my friends bc I'm not trying to really make any. I'm with a new objective, I just heard a cat yell and it was so loud that now I get why they call chicks cats. I can still hear the cat. It's not a purrr, it's a yell, and I say wow.what kinda animal am I, would u say?

I appreciate you,!

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