Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's my life^^^^^^^^^^^^^ up down up down

Art Basel is on hold w our move... Art Basel art shmazel!!!!!

I have court on Monday I don't want to hear about anything else I have to do bc I need a weekend to MYSELF TO RELAX.

If London isn't meant to be, I won't cry and be fragile bc I want to have a good time there and not scavenge for pennies. London is a luxury at this point and BOL "stands on it's own" so we don't NEED to be there bc I have lots of art to do and MOVE and get a job and my own health and anxiety and I'm about to break out in hives if I hear about any of this SHITHOLECRAPOLAFUCK anymore.

I didn't sign stupid papers, 
Pine Tree Drive is a trap!
Everybody SUCKS! 
I want to be on a boat on my way to the islands in a white bikini just so I can sit in a hammock w a piƱa colada and put my middle finger up. 


I already feel better just by saying that.

May this day end w a smile and a breeze.

I wish I didn't have anything to do w society

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