Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Listening to "Requiem" by Mozart

Suddenly no sound simmers a sweetness taking a walk through your world carefully looking suddenly surrendering to some of strangeness surrounded so together a power so deep entertwined we earn a choice we express why we chose it and goosebumps fill the air that touch our skin believe me when i say this i know suffering its there but its further away from me than ever before i have a dissapearing act and enter the kind of kingdom thats just kind enough to pass through contently magic tricks, violins, floating things, chained doors and hollow castles read a thousand books and that barely does it. the grace and thank you foregiveness departure we abandon the past of worries and surpass the blinding light into he calm new day that lasts forever w smiles, touching hands, feet no pain, reaching up and pulling down on miracles for help we divide out time and strength and our ties become love the skin falls off our bodies, bones rattle to the floor and flowers fall from the heavens we rise into the clouds and obey the forces.

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