Thursday, September 22, 2011


Lost in Translation
yes, again.
I thought about who would be, who possibly still is and yep a few...
i remember the day i imagined myself in Japan, actually Tokyo and how I may not know a word...
what a Lost in Translation I would have been..
lost as can be.

Its been probably one of those movies i sorta watched 5 or 6 times and heard about even more but this time i say
plss watch it, when u feel like watching something u want to talk/ make a comment thru... that was the mood i was in at first bc i knew it would have a lot of blank parts i could shut up about to just watch or Talk thru.. lol silence is golden, or not? sure is.
forgot what i was saying again!..
i feel lovely though,
the movie is amazing to me bc i was able to see the beauty in every shot through the endless femininity within and out her body to the reality in her expressions, the relation between both charachters, without the sex but true compatibility and later a way that denotes the most sensual of all sensualities,..... the emotions between the lines... depicted by only those with a try sensibility to something completely out of this world, yet in it, you know...

Scarlett Johanson and Bill Murray make us all twitch into smirk after seeing the light "sense" that a relationship (can you believe?) take. (lol) Doesn't make any "sense" to me either!!! Lost in Sense-ation lolol

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