Sunday, September 25, 2011

Smells like teen spirit...

I think I've about grown out of this look. I consider myself voluptuous now, I swear it came from left field but I think I'm Marilyn Monroes reincarnation and now I basically have her body! I miss the says I could wear baby t's so privately I still do. Yesterday I walked into Journelle, the lingerie store at the 1111 Lincoln Rd building and tried on some sexy lingerie with my boyfriend. They offer you bottled water and chocolate and they play a video in the back room by the changing rooms, it's really nice back there! They even have robes to throw on in case you are naked and want to look at more stuff ;) I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed now much my body has changed since the days I could wear something pictured! I guess I like it since my boyfriend does but if I were single I think I would go on a vegetable soup diet. Boys really do want something to grab onto lol. Paul ended up buying me a bra that I could not live without :)
He doesn't usually want anything (or too many things for himself) but he has very expensive taste so we are in search of a pair of red "obsessy" sunglasses by infamous french sunglass designer Thierry Lasry which I hope to find in London. I have myself a new pair of Christian Roth ones from Artsee. It's all worth taking a peek at.

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