Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From This Distance...

I feel safe in the distance. As opposed to being under a microscope like wide open and vulnerable. I feel safe knowing u don't know and just hang on to that opinion u blow air in that balloon of a thought that is an invention in your head. When I've given myself and told u my truths u thrive off the story, not knowing what if it's true or what to do. I feel safe in the distance, it's what I do. I'm never alone w so many hobbies, it's never lonely w so many thoughts. Not having to answer to anyone and doing as u wish is so liberating only your responsibilities to do. My worries are mine and I can carry them around. I don't ned u to understand them, so much of them rubbish. I dive into my magazines, my photography, sports, websites, research, places, discovering, learning, reading, watching things I like. All those ways I feel protected cuz from this distance is where I observe. Nobody really knows what We witness, what our brain thinks is here probably the most honest blog in 2013.
I send love out to my enemies! I see us all as one, charma so strong it's so apparent. Living a life I always want more from! Wanting better friends I can truly count on. 3 strikes your out my motto, I might give u my hand to help u up after u broke my heart, I forgive everyone including myself. To think that it gets easier is wrong. May look as though I don't have enough respect for myself but that's not true I just don't put up a fake front. If I had a nose job i wouldn't live in the lie, if I was a lawyer I wouldn't lie no matter how much money u paid me. I do twist the truth, and taking the same story can be seen in a thousand angles... I exercise seeing all the views. From this distance away the energy still permeates... From my happy places and all that's left unsaid.
From the distance I make sure I am good to myself and my smile and thoughts are mostly clean. It's here on this platform that I spill my heart out to be relieved. :)

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