Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hold Us Together

I actually look at everything and so many things have BEAUTY :) like u U UUuuuuuuu do to Me :) u do to meeeeeEEE. 'e I notice how I am grateful enough to notice the whole entire World... the whole entire world... it all lets me in. ppl i know we are all each and every one. I am so holding u by the hand even when I cant explain, i cant explain but how is this true? i ruuule the woorld... ;) OOOhhhoooohhhhoooooOOOooooohhhhh I grabbed u when i saw u dying to be held, i thought of u when i wanted my name to be yelled, i knew u wanted to be held like i did too that day. One time tis thing happened to he and its a short story to inspire u, this older woman came to sit by me, we both happen to have dogs, women like her stay away from girls like me bc i have a dog to, u gotta be in the mood thats all im tryna say... but get this, our flight was delayed, she was worried about the truth, about how her dog was gona go to the bathroom... when its a flight to LA maybe from nononono it was def to florida but she timed it from nyc somehow and u know that it was a time in my life that i could totally love some convo any convo but at the ame time i didnt need anytghing bc i had ROXY all in all.... i knew i was so strong... sooo strong! that everything that had happened before that moment that looked like i needed attention was TOTAL BULLSHIT LIKE I KINDA NEEDED A TRUE MOMENT TO MYSELF BC I ALSO DESERVED IT! I went thru hell wo deserving any of it... i cant explain in. So, I opened up to this old woman, bc she had a dog, they were both way older than us,,, but guess what she left her bags w me and while she was gone... SHE GOT HURT! she hurt herself that she couldnt take the flight w me, she had to have somebody come get her bags that i was watching for her, she had some how falled, badly, she cut her EYE, yes she didnt get to say bye, it was kinda sad! we both know that! I wont see her again. its kinda for sure, like same way I didnt get to say bye to my fashion teacher in highschool named MRS. HEATH... a class i had in highschool that taught me how to sew before any other place would and in a chill way that truly didnt exhist... she was such a cool teacher... she loved me, believed in me, bc she saw how I was in class w ideas and doing things that were not the projects to keep us busy instead i was in that class making things that i wanted to make and probably not making the simple things that u get graded for... u see, i was really bad in school... im good tho if i care, i know the drill, i know i have to do things i dont want to, to learn, i actually admire Rebe's writing very much :) I peeked her blog and im impressed (honestly) and where else but here to admit that? hahaha Its true! I think that so many things are beautiful!

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