Thursday, February 14, 2013

its pretty obvious...

u either get the real stuff that might brake or the expensive stupid splurge that wont be smart cuz u know that the goal is worth reaching worth the persistance worth the strategies put forth worth the taste of reality where we call it sacrifice for comfort but yet its not even bc its just purely trying to get there, its not as far as one might think but far like the unknown wooden cave w a calendar like a tigers yawn for low tide to reach if u distract yourself or w any others melted time faster fwd than a snails greatest grandmothers thought in a tear drop spec in time w 3d cobweb brainstorm for the unwritten essay by a potential president but under a bridge no chance or haitian girl found by a coastguard on our land. wo a language we would be even more lost than im trying to make it seem. how there we are just a smile and glance from connection and team we would be so powerful to join instead of fight all alone. just this for now. no rush to be anywhere but thee besides amoungst and free it might seem so perspective to follow its a message in a bottle.

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