Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thump thump

Having a hard time knowing what I have represented myself could be interpreted the wrong way. I've just wanted to rebel against containing myself as if that would in any way get credit for something somehow but what does that even mean?
I thought about how ppl had to be a certain way for their career, coworkers maybe even family. I just wanted to show how one could be honest like I was gona show myself as the worst example? What was that trying to accomplish? I guess it wasn't worth spreading the unnecessary energy. Now it's like what a fool I have been to be so public and dwn right embarassing to myself cuz who else to blame or who else to feel it. Then it's thinking of me too much again but not worth it. Ppl might be mad at me for it, or def not what I was wanting to throw out there. What a rollercoaster I have been and why so proud to be myself? I am like all of u guys, trying w both feet and hands and mind is blocking my heart too much. My heart feels like it needs to be loved, for what it is. I am here, I'm always here thumping for u to breathe, the more u breathe the better u will feel.

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