Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Really crazy typing skilz on this one sorry...

I havent been on here in a while... Ahhh!!!! SHOOT ME!
listening to an old school mix... cant say who's... they dont want me tooo... i know its weird but

caught in the middle i dk what to do when your man is untrue... there;'s a maaan in my liiiiife...

I need u u u...
sounds like so many things

my speakers on this comp r so fucked i need headphones cant find em...

im happy I get some alone time with my computer too.

like get away WORLD lol

ive seen some pretty .
fucking cool shit in my day and i like what i saw and some of that stuff that i have a first awesoem reaction to and with i will forever have a positive feeling about that... but some other stuff No.

I want to always leave a good impression on ppl or try to take them from here on out from the place i found them in at least in a better one bc for the past its been so backwards... like leave ppl behind in a mmmmfffff way. i want to type to the bead but I a cant thins is so weird lalallmwkxj8OHEHJSHDLALHBSHL?LAAHADIIWJLQWDHK;IFiygigagdugIGDGUI76F87Y9hd

i always think ppl r better thamn they end up to be bc i think that they r like ME.

i think they have my intentions, my ethincs, common sense... i truly give ppl the benefit of the doubt and it just so happens that ive also recieved that from others themselves,,,//./

i dont know but i guess guys dont like the thought of another man with their woman unless they r into that sort of thing of course... then yea sure i guess she must have known by then if not thats weird of her ...idk i forgot what we were talking about LOL

my brain! Shutup im dorothy!

hey beiba baybe baybay

tell me im going to be a STAR!

yeah about that, the Oscars... like WEIRD! celebrities are like 2 handfuls really and nobody new or interesting there but I watched them and actually loved them so much!

look like seriously i saw ppl make remixes and create music collages in the air that when i hear it now or remember it i admire it i (i dont do alot of talking, i listen as much as i can-the song said)
kiss of death

nobody can understand any of this.

Who's got more style????? I'm terrible at figuring out what these companies really want bc I MYSELF WANT SOMETHING ELSE FOR THEM... I mean.. some of it is research... like pin-ups lets say... but -i forgot

just remembered my book... this collage book bc i lost track and saw it and how its right next to me and unfinished... i should probably finish it but its actually really cool left unfinished too... bc i want to make so many other things....

i wish i knew a bunch of cool people!

i wish i knew like all these cool ppl right... and like we were like friends and shit right, and like whatever we wound hang u know like party or do drugs and like create art together... sounds like im Chich and Chong but I'm not I dont really like to smoke that much.

some crazy bitch from the past emailed me today bc she owed me money and she wanted t0 tell me it was finally i the mail or something what a crazy bitch tonto! -----THIS IS ALL IN A MEXICAN SLOW VOICE BTW-----

i love to focus on what i love.

so after i just Focused on love i made my FIRST EVER WISH!

i swear ive never made a wish before but i ust made one. i always pretended to make a wish and i wuld actually wish 3 and never wished just one and this time for the FIRST time eve i wished something. i descided on my wish. thats it i did it! LOL


i wish it was that easy honey...

honey its a hard knowck life out there for a gal like you abd a gal like any... were are all here trying to make something of ourselves... you know a career and some money, take a trip or something... ----This is a sultry foxy lady with a classic Americanaccent----

& this is just my BLOG that im making a complete fool of myself on! LOLOLOL

it feels good to entertain at least myself. i like to do things with my hands too... like make bracelets and art and anything with glue and layout and colors and ideas and love and passion and whoever you are! blah! out there! i love it! be cool! be not if its funny! fuck! beds outside and the waves in the moonlight! and technology lots of technology and lots of breaks from it and chances to be one with Earth always. thats cool. i hear the neighbor singing and so it Paul at the same time im like in a vortex lol

i love to read but what i like to read some stuff it so heavy that it puts me literally to sleep either in the first paragraph or 4th page... someone is singing ... R.E.M. "everbody loves.. everybody hurts.... sometime... " that song is deeeep.

it would be cool if you could see the person live while they are typing this sort of shit.


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  1. if your ever in nY me & bobby & friends sit around create create create, party, create some more. if our paths cross again Ur invited anytime to paint / draw/ write / haiku fun / dIY projects, the works