Friday, February 10, 2012

While working on my collage...

I got some "gorilla glue" all over my hands and fingers to glue wrinkly recipts to the collage and it's fucked up my hands so bad! Image I just hot a manicure and my fingers were sticking together like I had ONE FINGER HAND LOL.. so I washed them... Then asked Paul to help bc I couldnt touch anything and he looked it up online... Millions of ways like putting gloves on w olive oil or some oil inside.. Um, obviously I'm fine now bc I'm typing lol so what I wanted to share was this magical remedy I think is so easy to do at home if you want your hands to look young and fresh and smooth for Valentines Day!!!
So you take a bowl and put oil in it and let your hands soak and smoothing them about ;)
Then after some time you grap a kitchen tough sponge like a green side of the regular one maybe u wana be crazy and get that itchy silver one I'm sure that's great too! :)
Then u scrub your hands to clear up the residue and oil and take that top layer of dead skin or in my case GUCK! LOL
AND THEN... You grab an orange!
You slice it into quarters... And u rub and u start to automatically feel the citrus properties clean your residue and heal your skin like a Vit C would normally brighten the skin etc.
It was glorious!!!!
My hands still feel they have a lil glue to them but this oil and orange concoction exfoliant was great when u dnt have an exfoliator but it's really a great thing to feel your hands super clean and soothed... It's important to do nice treats to your body when you can... After all that's all we have to really take care of like the sacred sanctuary it is.

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