Monday, February 6, 2012

Re-energize and Swallow inspiration!!!!

This weekend was a very much needed break from everything :)

Went to the MOCA downtown LA museum and saw experimental short films by Kenneth Anger and an exhibit called "Naked Hollywood" by Weegee where they distorted celebrities back in the wo photoshop. It was all really cool until the security guard told us we had 5 mins til the museum closed ;)

Also we saw the George Harrison exhibit and Grammys Hall of Fame exhibit which had things to play around with and make music! I was remixing some song all 10 fingers on a programmer, sounded so good and felt like second nature! I would go back and do it again just to play with that machine again!

Getting ready to properly book Vegas and Nicole's wedding in Miami in March :)

Watching a movie now called "Alice"... I paused it on an image of Mother Theresa. Mia Farrow plays a confused woman who wants to write a screen play or do something with her life, she finds herself unhappy in a marriage and starts seeing this old Asian doctor who gives her herbs to deal with her situations and she disappears one time, and flies of the city, talks to ex boyfriend ghosts and so much more...
Oh yea she wanted to be a nun so back to this Mother Theresa part... Lol


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