Friday, February 3, 2012

i cant stop thinking about PAUL.

whats new?
Im pissed off at myself... not so new...
instead of the sound of tearing paper i'm annoyed at the sound of the keyboard as i click about with nonsence...
what nonsence?

ive always been bored of myself i guess... but it stems from a deeper boredom of everything else and boredom
has led me to get to know myself better.
I have a baby, her name is Roxy... she has way wayy too much personality!! isnt that funny?! we all have a different personality LOL
right now its dark in my apt and the screen is like I'm about to die in any movie... the light is making me wana go in haha
im the biggest dork sorta sorta... NOT.
I havent been keeping up w my blog bc I havent been comfortable with where my computer is.
i believe in Fung Shui (fung shwei) its really important in life... like so iz everything else u deeply care about bc they bother u...
u want things in certain order
i never want anything the same and i always change the order to my chaos but bc i LOVE that
i think ppl with ORDER r the coolest and most of them dont have that order bc they did it themselves but for other crazy reasons.
this keyboard should be silent key pressing LOL (oh no thats way too loud)
I or we found a restaurant that was veggie pattys! so anything a burger or a chicken breast can be swaped for a veggie patty. N IT MADE ME SICK!!! www.elescondite...
thats cool until u try it and ask yourself WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THAT I AM EATING THEN???...
I have been on Instagram... (omg im confirming my dorkness)... im a begginer LOL begginer at so many things... i love that we r always growing technologically but...
BUTTT i also think that we complicate our own lives sooo much... we do it to ourselves.
We do so much wrong to our own selves! idk..

We complain about what we create !!! LOL
We have the nerve to be wrongly impacted by what we follow...
we try to prove ourselves wrong by making things insignificantly and subconsciously appealing towards to majority in order to gain something non lasting and temporary and idiotic LOL (huhhh?? lol)

...SEND ME AN ANGEL................ SEND ME ANGEL..............RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW...............

that was the song!
i changed it.

I have so many craaazy songs in my computr that i dont give a fuck about... thats prob why im pissed off at music.
bc its not my music
its not, x'cept that...

i love music

Now... i actually love this song... nobody gets it tho...its called "she lives in my lap" by Andre 3000 on the Love below album/
dnt look it up, u wont get it..
Its prob something i have already mentioned but its just sooo cool to me for some strange reason... its cuz i cant help it lol.
u prob wont like it.

but i dont really care if u do or dont thats why i have this blog that i dont make money off of :)
i just want to blabber what i think and thats that :) :) :) :):):):):):): :):))))......... :)

Get the courage one day..... the love below....she lives in my my my my... uve got me open wide, its urs, im urs ...

I really wish i was talking about something better tho... anyway I think u all should look up the
repitition, color, shape, line, texture, and some other things...
its really important to know the rules if u want to break them.

i have been an expert attraction to anything breaking anything, whether it be my head, break my heart, cut my hair, ruin my image, cut class, cut cut cuuut! Action!!!, paper cuts, cutting paper, even paper folding... thats a super origami talent that ppl r yet to discover cuz... twitter n bs is sooo time consuming im gona have a problem digesting my own words again... lolol

I go about things the wrong way n i need to be loved like everybody else does.

i am the sun and i m the air...

just like everybody else does...
' "
" "
" "

maybe i ruined it for my beautiful cousin,,,, that just came to mind for whatever reason...
i wouldnt doubt it
im such a kabbalah teacher jew leader in the community already that i must be kidding myself when i say those things... but like right away u see! right away! LOL
i wish i was laughing harder to get these abs working...'
abs is where we r happy.. result..

i have become a home for a fort... im a fortress... if not Roxy on my lap now would be on bones and thats sooo not comfy!!!

its my song!!! "computer love"
when i saw them live they didnt even! can u believe it>???

I dno what to do...i need a randevoux
I want a mix of it... i should make one...

i should do things...

with u.

with u

another lonely night., i dont what to do when ppl cant hear what i am...

when i created the blog intstallation it was so sick but the music in Awarehouse was so loud!!!
I dont like the song "computer love" as much anythore

i need a ...
Computer love...

i have to go back in time a read something...


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