Monday, August 20, 2012

A def boy suddenly hears MUSIC...

"Absolutely. It's a sound I'm long familiar with and nothing else clears my mind better than absolute silence. The normal brain processes five senses at once so when you take one away you give yourself more processing power for the other senses. If I have my hearing aids off for more than a couple hours my vision gets sharper and I start to feel even further away. Most times I can feel someone walking up to me but if I've been in silence long enough I can feel them approaching from even further away. When I'm enjoying truly great food, I turn my hearing aids off and close my eyes so the only sensory information I get is the taste of the food. I turn my hearing aids off when I write, golf, wakeboard, rock climb and almost everything else. I only have them on for music or talking to people. I actually feel bad for hearing people; I wish more people could experience the power and peace of utter silence."

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