Thursday, August 9, 2012

Been on vacation...

Did NYC for about 10 days, now in Florida and Tom I'm headed back to LA.
I have so much to say but tonight I just want to post about some advice I took of things I should write down about myself...
I went over my "good qualities" and made a list. I recommend u do this too!
Then a list about "what makes me a good partner" and supposedly you should repeat this list daily so that's why I want it on my blog so I can come back and add to it as I feel and repeat it...
I wrote that...

I'm fun to be with
I'm easy going
I get along with all types of people
I'm adventurous
I like challenge
I'm interesting
I give good massages
I'm beautiful, smart & talented.

Then I had to make a list about what I want to change about myself...
I wrote that I am...

Short tempered :(
Want to be more kind bc I can say hurtful things :(
I want a consistent rhythm of life
I want to do more thoughtful things
I want to love more deeply
I want to be more of a woman.

So I'm supposed to tackle all that!

Do this for yourself to find where you need to improve and set some goals to change or know your worth.


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