Thursday, August 23, 2012

I think GOD is trying to give me a PEN N PAPER,,

The next song... telling me to stop typing? I wana type... YOUR UP... You'll Get DOwn.... your gona run in ircles, everyone knows ur trouble cuz u read it in a BIG BOOK... JUST REMEMBER ALL THE THINGS>>> WE TOOK TOOK.... "The look" Metronomy GET UP, n we get dwn, always running aound this town... n everyone THINX were trouble.. we didnt eald it in a BIG BOOK... shake shook shake shake shook shook... blooom blammmmm blooooommmmmbliiiieeeemm blum bluuuooonneeeaaaaaammmmnnnnn.... this this this.... dadadadadada dadadadad dadadadadadada dadattttattatatadaddayadydayayyayaddada 'GET UP NO U CANT GET DOWN GET UP GET INLOVE CUZ GET UP n then GET DWBN...IHT? I havent been practicing my typing skills bc My job entails of turning the page... remember... or lugging around really heavy things on my back... yea, mainly,,, but whatverrr... i barely work for all the ups and downs and beauty and confusion and apparently what does not get written in this bloggggg... DID U REALLY WAAAAAAANT? whaaaaant? beautiful

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