Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Installation piece ..

Classroom desks in a big circle
Rows of them beyond if so..

In the circle center gold coins
Sacks of money

A grocery cart that goes around it full of recycled bottle and what not.

On each desk is written a message

An interpretation

You can write what u want too

U can push the carts around in a circle
Or change anything about it u rather see
Like stacking desk eventually
Or using what's there to create our utopia from what we were given

Just no rules but what I first envisioned bc the goals r all screwed up and the fear is on the streets in the foreground of a chic store

Don't wana sound negative,
Just an idea waiting to flourish

Maybe just turning the desks around makes enough of a concept

I want to make something beautiful

That's not it.

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