Sunday, June 30, 2013

Healing the World

Today seems like a slow Sunday, one where your working in a lousy place and nothing is going on. You try to stand there with a smile or act busy, tons of silly jobs like that. Today kinda feels like that, since I woke up to be out of the house by 9am I went to the bank and it happened to be closed on a Sunday of course lol so I had a coffee outside with my dog, in the unbearable summer heat, maybe everybody has left on vacation? Nothing opened on Sunset blvd for what felt like hours. I poured cold water on my hands and wiped down my arms, face and neck w the dry heat vacuuming my skin. I had left my phone at home, how did that happen I thought. When I got home the air fought to pump cool. And still the city seemed bare on my drive home. The thought of a dip in the pool was the only thing possible. Then I got comfy in my cool sheets and pillows and today, that's what I did, I chose to lay inside and relax because tomorrow is Monday and Since it will probably be just as hot I won't be able to lay around and do nothing. Starting to feel the energy of Monday. I also had to style a shoot on Friday so my body is begging for rest. My back cracks and pops when I rotate my right shoulder, from carrying bags of shoes and jewelry. Loving what I do is one thing but what it entails at times is another. I bend over backwards and don't ever complain in real life to anybody unless maybe I love u, then u would hear my cries.... Or a little virtual filing case, all pretend. The energy of the day, they say it's Pinjas, it's a healing energy, maybe that's what I'm feeling, a relax state of healing. 

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