Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stick to it...

So I have been meaning to say something, anything, bc I want to prove that I'm smart, that I think.

I think I'm smart I mean

I mean it

I wana say more than just that tho... I wana tell u about all the things I see. I see all these repetitive things...

And then I see some beautiful unique things too

I want to describe some beautiful things in detail bc I'm lost in the bla bla bla 
And I really want to get back to the stuff that matters.. I love so much art, design, fashion and I am glad to see that it is going on...
I also see how repetitive and unoriginal it is, I feel like it all makes sense together in the end... Things make other things stick out or more important etc.

Stick ur self out I guess!


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