Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Over Talking and Thinking

Not doing it all yet.. I'm lost in the moment and free. Why r some dogs so mean? Or like the owners. Paul gave so much pretty love. Major breeze going through my room.. I have to pay better attention. To everything. Have a lovely day and don't drink and be happy! I'm just saying anything. Hope it doesn't bother. I'm feeling like I let ppl down and don't want to feel this way and crap. Sorry to write this It's personal, I need some help to get me to a place where I should be would be great. I'm so confused lol. I don't want to be annoying or a bitch or anything but me. Trying to be me is a disaster isn't it? Lol nooooo I am letting go of lots of my old clothes that I collected but now I wana rid myself of as much as I can. I worried for myself. Who says that?! The crazy bitch writing this and I just want to work and love what I do and maybe travel some for ... U know I really duno how I'm Gona do this guys. Have I told u I feel like shit right now and I m a Debbie D doody space cadet of thinking I will be taken care of somehow and that thought is instilled in my brain like a female from the past but now we have fought to have careers and. An opportunity for a mans rivalry in equality. Yes we can! But like already has so much to do on it's own. We barely get vacations from worker. What am I saying? Why am I saying this?
Ok I wana shut up now and forever. I don't want to at anything ever again. Over talking.

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