Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Super silly but supr. In bed, safe, that's what counts lol can't see clear
Sleepy looks like steepy, yes todally does dude do ya even get what ur doing? Didn't think so. Hammer head! 
Still not asleep, what r u looking for?
Nothing more than whatever it is. Really? No. I didn't  think so. Oh!
I remember certain things. Not every single thing but love it all together. Vodka wuz X
Go away the alphabet - A
Be ez u see flown away. 
Perhaps it's all already written?
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps...
".                    "
Hold on for dear life? 
Am I on a side as we play tug-o-war?
R u an animal?
I just screamed out of my window to save an animal
It sounds like they r killing a person.
It really does to me.!
I am just now feeling so scared,
So full of fear bc yes I wish u were here but I am here now, and Roxy, I heard or felt something like super 

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