Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crazy ideas (old post, posting #now

Bubble wrap walls bubble wrap floor-installation... Maybe small and wear a straight jacket as a ride and project that sound as bounce on walls.. But who has the energy wo given a reason that can only get personal. But since everything is aimed to be disposable to make "the world go round" create a need for things we don't cuz we don't need anything, some don't know that but it's fun so a bubble wrap everything... Comforter for bed.. That means u get a diff texture once they all pop so maybe u buy a new one... Ppl love to pop so they can think back at those memories... Bubble wrap collection, now it's already made in diff colors. Why? So what can we do to it? Well science can make them get air again alone but who cares... It's a good laptop cover if they did invent that, like q-tips and band-aids that got the name now from the brand. Not sure they knew that was coming. So we use it to move, wrapping every breakable thing in it, bubble wrap can be a theme cuz putting it on the floor of a club where kids really wana pop every bubble, why? It's just something to do. It could be a print, prob already is but that's not good enough... So I thought if u paint it but that's wak, so layering it so its more than one layer now.. How many layers it takes til the layer that doesn't get popped or weight equation. Or one that doesn't pop, like stronger, or to play w that texture, maybe u wana try the style that pops for something super light. This is soooo silly, like a whoopie cushion! But that's like a water jug, in the desert it's worth a lot.. Survive. Bubble wrap could be a whole pop up store, book covers now I need the stuff in metallic and in different shapes... Cuz someone is being lazy... If uggs made a new bubble ugg and they did it right whoever is daringly cool should buy them.. So make them very expensive now u have ppl that think wow about this shitty idea that won't happen but it COULD replace studs lol or be mini piƱatas. This is what I love to do... I wouldn't wana contain it cuz I also think its truly unlike anything I have ever seen or heard and that's a big reason why I actually DO now, finally, give myself some crazy credit. Award goes to... Craziest bitch award is somebody else tho. Sorry to be so annoying sometimes.. Super heavy overload heavier than a trick of hay.. So what would u say it is? 

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