Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Lovely little ants crawling over a baby pink hill, the sun shining bright, the smell of salt lingers. Then here comes hot pink, theirs a piece of chewing gum that fell from the sky. the sky baby blue w moving white poofs. what about writing from left to right, what about it? spray some collagen on your face, its dropping down. spray a tv image, over these screens. im not always fucked up, i am a flower, it wilts and u water it, its alive again. the eternal one that one day will die like all things that live. I love u like pound, # without italisized It should be an asterix * maybe. All the things we do, all the things we say, all the money in the world. all the grains of cotton, all the grains of wheat, all they all, get eaten and digested how do i accept, how do i prove myself to u.. i dont know how i became this way,,, maybe its that I exercised being strange that im stranger cuz everything needs exersise so whatever u work on gets more light/credit, but these thoughts of light equal lots of dark,,, the dark is history, tho some of both is night and day and how it goes. i dont mean everything i say, u know.. I dont mean to hurt u if i did. I dont need to hold ur hand to know ur there. i dont think i need anybody but then i get lonely, how strange. I wana hug the colors, i wana be in balance, i wana be a good example, but ppl who r good examples dont say these things bc its just showing my weakness so being a pretender is what we look up to? holding it all in is better than letting it all hang out? who says? and why? if everybody did this then i BET U i wouldnt. I bet u a million flowers... a million eternal ones.

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