Saturday, May 18, 2013

Too many children...

Hello place I come to,
Just boredom will depict so much from someone!
Not bored tho!
I am super happy w myself
I am hugs & kisses to all the wrong and right men lol
I'm just a happy girl
I just see color.
I've been looking for a steady job tho..
No luck
I've been applying at all sorts of places, cuz being turned down means try something else!
I actually want my own store
More than anyone
I want to control something
the creatives
& where the creatives
What? Do u Expect?
I want to be my own world...
It's a world within this world...right!?
One that I see
One that's seen, n here..
An avenue
I know everything is becominggg

I take a lot of this back...
I know that,
breathing is Necessary..
Just worry about yourself
They are worried,
We are
They said.

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