Friday, October 29, 2010


Today was a good day, feels like Ive been on a better track. I have been working on my Art idea and have a lot to do to make this a realization... its something that has a lot of potential and I hope I can make it happen... a lot of things that I have loved and wanted dont follow through so I'm just going to try my best with it. This weekend is finally Halloween though and so you know what that means... lots of fun stuff to do. Lots of fun stuff to distract me from my good track I'm on, but come on, I have to live a little ITS MY FAV HOLIDAY!
Today I rode 20miles for Critical Mass bike ride... its another one of my fav things to do actually. Its super fuckin fun!! makes me feel really good about myself too... Karla and I rode dessed as Pebbles and Tambam. I dont think we got any good pictures though. :(
Tomorrow is a big day though... the day we actually celebrating it and its Lucys Bday... I'm sure we will have pictures of that night.
I will make sure to post some up!

Still cutting out FLOWERS!

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