Monday, October 11, 2010


This is what I wrote a bit ago while I was under whatever spell that caused me to act like I did...

"Que no consigo nada, este mundo es injusto
un juego de sobre alteidad y burla!
Nada significa nada
y eso es todo
en la abundaz de billanteza
que no respira... no camina, no es humano ni capable de valorarme"

I'm all better now, everybody goes through their "stuff" but Ive learned a lot about life during these past two weeks. I wasnt dealing with things correctly so they piled up on top of me.

Here is another quote...

"The thing is that,
I would not,
listen to you!"

Meaning I WOULDN'T NOT listen!

Remember 2 negatives equal a positive! So, when the bad shit piled high enough I snapped out of it and became more positive like I am now...
10-10-10 was a good day, even though I had no sleep the night before and was at work the whole day... I felt euphoric, i felt proud of myself, about all the things that I do DO, all the stuff I do right! For instance, I wrote this for the newsletter for work at ELEMENTAL... (sometimes I just gota pound it out and its a trial and error affect)


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