Saturday, October 23, 2010

No way...

what was i saying?? forgot. completely forgot everything. all i could remember is the things i should forget! how bout that? ppl need to MOVE then they arent and ppl need to pls stop moving when they R! how do u explain THAT?
Somebody said something earlier and i thought it sounded cool but now that i remem what they said IT DOESN'T. no pressure. i went to the Ocean and the shit was moving NON STOP. a lot of other shit just like that going on and on and on too... (funny). (not funny). (lol)>. :) think about a highway... think about the subway... think about the airport... think about the ant pile,,,, think about the beach, think about the roads, the
the shit is not what it should be... the shit is what it is!!!

i was on the calendar for today? the fact that it is what it is at this place is making me see it in another light... WE WERE ALL WASTED LAST NIGHT.

Good day good/night guys...

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